About LCD

La Come Di is an independent brand based in Dubai and Italy. Trippy prints, colour blocks and textures; LCD combines the love of playful textiles and bold colours with versatile silhouettes. LCD invites you to embrace individuality, creativity and your unique self in the everyday.

LCD goes through a slow process while creating each design, with the focus on offering great creative pieces at affordable price and producing in small quantities only. All the pieces are produced ethically in China.

LCD is the visual and fashion design realm of Elisa Arienti, a studio of one human, she specialises in many design fields and she was born in Bergamo, north of Italy. Currently she lives in Dubai while she waits to move back to Europe soon.

Elisa’s work, aesthetic and personal style is deeply connected to the world of colour and shapes, that unfold to become abstract and unique. Her particular imagination inspired from the past era of interior, product and poster design, unleashes in all projects where she designs, draws, styles, paints and play with shapes without fear or limits.

The brand name is inspired from Paolo Conte’s song “Come Di” and it doesn’t have a literal meaning  : )