A few words from our Co-founder Feras Sobh, that talks about our new collaboration with the London brand Hype-peace “404 Human Not Found” dedicated to Palestine.

I think “Freedom not found” sums the Palestinian issue quite perfectly because, for 70 years, generations were born into a situation that they did not choose and have no idea what freedom is. My father was born as a refugee, my uncles, then myself and my brothers and sisters.

We were born and told that we are Palestinians, but we cannot visit Palestine, and we were living in a country that was home, but we cannot call home, and given travel documents by another country that we barely visit, and is now in the middle of a civil war. The Palestinian refugees’ issue dragged on for too long that we became a burden on neighboring countries and the situation keeps getting worse.

Some hosting countries limit the fields we can work in, others do not allow us to own property and absolutely all close their doors behind our back once we decide to pursue another opportunity elsewhere. We are banned from visiting all Arab countries for any reason and visas to other countries are hard to obtain.

Recently the USA deliberately underestimated the number of Palestinian Refugees in the world in an effort to delete us from history and take away our rights to return to Palestine, if a state is ever created. Until then, we forced to live without an identity nor freedoms.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones who were able to get a proper education and craft an identity by being a designer and get to connect and work with people all around the world. Though, the majority of us are scattered all around the world, not able to make sense of their situation and forced to suffer in silence.



Elisa and Feras are wearing:
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