Harvey Nichols x LCD

Harvey Nichols launches an all LCD pop-up to celebrate our collaboration…and we loved it!

We won’t lie about the excitement we felt when Harvey Nichols asked us to collaborate. Their brand is such a massive chain of stores that impacted major cities for decades. Then comes LCD, a newly born creative label chatting about how we can create something fresh for our region.

Tell us more about the bag details.

The bags has two sides. Both are quite magical 🙂 The front is black and made to be filled with our adhesive patches; the back is holographic, a show on its own! It has also a cute tassel puller to match the color of the back.

What can people find in the pop-up?

At the LCD pop-up you can purchase the bag and select your favorite patches to customise your own bag. The patches are adhesive and can be applied easily. Inside customers would fill it up with their selection of beauty products.

Feras (LCD co-founder) talks about our collaboration with HN.

What was the design inspiration behind the bag?

The bag is a beauty pouche inspired from our Patched Double Sided Clutch. The iconic patches we made for LCD are a bold expression of Dubai and its people. Harvey Nichols loved this idea, so we create few new patches for them, still based on our LCD range that meets their vision.