La Come Di

La Come Di is an independent streetwear label and design studio based in Dubai. With electric graphic prints, patterns and color blocks we like to dare to make our pieces unique. LCD is bold, eclectic and never boring. Our collections are always different and inspired from visual art, design, music, childhood nostalgia and the youth-culture of today.

We try to be as genderless as possible in all our collections and design our pieces to be mainly unisex. We like to think that anyone can upgrade their wardrobe and take a lil risk to be less basic.

Our name, pronounced “la komi dee”, it’s an original song by the Italian jazz singer Paolo Conte. Have a listen and a little dance on it. You will get us.

La Come Di was founded by Elisa Arienti (Italy) and Feras Sobh (Palestine). With life and work experiences that vary from design, art direction, photography, and illustration, La Come Di is a product of passion and connection to different experiences, backgrounds and stories that you will feel and touch in our designs.

Read more about our production process here!

Music inspires us in a big way (duh!) So, we’d like to share some of our personal favorites to go along with your shopping. We’ll update them regularly, so if you want to know what happens behind the scenes of La Come Di, here’s a little peak.

Feras’s Playlist

Elisa’s Playlist