La Come Di

Let’s start with the name. Pronounced “la komi dee”, the name comes from a song of the same name by -the great- Italian singer Paolo Conte.

La Come Di literally translates to “the like of…” and what follows manifests itself in whatever. It is also Comedy with a pretentious La in front of it. That attitude carries itself through pieces that represent the youth’s versatility of style and character. It escapes the norm by presenting a variety of art styles, designs and stories, which are at times a bit serious and at other times not serious (at all). That’s why everybody should have some La Come Di in their lives.

La Come Di was founded by Feras Sobh and Elisa Arienti. Feras graduated from The American University of Sharjah in the UAE with a bachelor degree in Visual Communication, while Elisa carries a master degree in Art Direction from Milan, Italy. Coming from two opposite sides of the Mediterranean Sea, they both ended up on the shore of the Arabian Gulf in Dubai, where they met and worked in the fancy world of advertising. A couple of years later, they left all that for La Come Di.

With experiences that vary from design, art direction, photography and illustration, La Come Di is a product of passion and connection to different experiences, backgrounds and stories that we hope you feel and touch in our designs.

Paolo Conte by La Come Di

Music inspires us in a big way (duh!) So, we’d like to share some of our personal favorites to go along with your shopping. We’ll update them regularly, so if you want to know what happens behind the scenes of La Come Di, here’s a little peak.

Feras’s Playlist

Elisa’s Playlist