LCD x Levi’s

Levi’s and La Come Di got married in this collaboration that celebrates the 50 years anniversary of the Trucker jacket at SOLE DXB.

Like anyone born in the 80s or before, Levi’s had a huge impact on our teen years. The Trucker jacket is such an iconic piece and Levi’s is celebrating 50 years since its debut collaborating with artists and designers around the globe.

Elisa (LCD co-founder) talks about our collaboration with Levi’s. What does this collaboration mean to LCD?

We were thrilled to be chosen among the selected designers and artists in the region! Levi’s is deeply rooted in the global fashion culture and we really grew up with it… the meaning of numbers like 501 go beyond names on tags.

Tell us about the LCD Trucker that you created.

Denim works perfectly with our designs. The trucker we made has LCD goodness all over.  We selected three different black & white fabrics, each with a different pattern (stripes, checkered and polka dots). The patterns and colors matched perfectly with our pins and patches that we applied in different positions.

How many pieces did you make?

Along with the trucker, we made two 501 jeans and a denim shirt. We applied the same idea of fabric applications in different parts. Based on these examples, people got to do their own custom denim pieces at the event Sole DXB.

What’s we can see and do with LCD at Sole DXB?

Sole DXB is a really cool event for street-style brands and the music scene. We can say it’s one of the best events in Dubai and it’s nice to see the young crowd all in one place. Our part was all about live customization for the crowds, with the help of the tailors at the Levi’s stand. The idea was that people would bring their own denim or purchase one right there and LCD would customize it for you on the spot with our fabric, pins and patches.

Tell us about the Levi’s patches you designed.

LCD designed a set of 6 patches to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Trucker and for Sole DXB. People could pick between the different designs to apply on their denim. The designs were a hybrid between Levi’s culture in the Middle East and our signature Plastique style.

How was the response of the public?

We loved it! Meeting people is always the best part of our job. Getting new ideas and feedback from the crowd make us do a better job. the crowd also loved it and you could see our brand colors anywhere you walk in the event… we made 40 pieces in three hours 🙂

Here are some photos and a recap video of that day <3