What a year!

We are not going to bore you with the details of how we started and how we ended up here. We will dedicate another time for that. Though, we’d like to start by thanking everyone who shared the journey with us through the past year to make La Come Di a reality that could have never been possible without their support and encouragement.

When we first quit our day jobs, the motive behind La Come Di was crystal clear. The plan was to allow art and design (and only art and design) to speak through our work from beginning to end. We wanted to add to culture, which is our biggest inspiration, and not take away from it. Art and design do play an important role in the human culture regardless of how it is experienced, whether it is a painting we stand in front of at The Met or the cup of coffee we have in the morning. We had to go further, taking that core motive and spreading out into every step we took, ending up to the end result, which is our product. Though the fact is, running a business can start to stain that process. For two artists who started a brand in an effort to contribute to culture rather than having some products on a shelf, it was important to us not to allow for that to happen.

That took a year! But we had to make sure that the story we are now so proud to tell is free from all blemishes. From the moment our pens were pressed to paper to the endless conversations with suppliers trying to understand a process so foreign to us, all had to serve our drive that is to be embedded into the world’s culture.

We hope more than anything that our ambition is reflected in what you see. As we go on from here, that will be our biggest drive and we will continue to improve, experiment and hopefully one day push the radius of how our work is absorbed.

So without further ado, “Hello everyone 🙂 and welcome to La Come Di 

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Prepping for our first photoshoot

Checking out the factory environment in Dongguan, China

So many options