For our latest LCD artist’s stories, we meet Dubai based dj and music producer Liudmila Catan aka Dj Liutik, who’s colourful character and style don’t pass unnoticed. With her, partner in life and business, Freek who’s also a musician and videographer. Coming from different cultures and backgrounds they find themselves together in this hip-hop journey in the Middle East.

Hi Maila, can you tell us what’s your life background and how did you get into djing?

My background goes way back to my father being a musician. I guess I pursued his path after all, even though my mom wasn’t happy about it when I was younger. Their life was very structured and there was no such thing as being a musician that can get into a good career or future. I was forced to study law back home, but I came to spend a summer in UAE and never left. That’s where my journey began.

What do you love about being a dj? Did you ever feel less considered than guys?

Djying makes me happy especially when I see people enjoying it. When I’m in my zone I get lost in time and I feel relaxed. Regarding being a female dj, to be honest I don’t feel less considered than guys…that’s not the case in the music world. Often it happens to hear comments from jealous people talking about female djs that get gigs just because of our looks. I guess sometimes it might happen, but in my career I had to work hard to be recognised. There’s one thing I believe very strongly: if you’re knowledgeable, skilled and a talented musician no one can take that away from you! I work everyday on my music research and how I can develop myself more and more.

Our latest collection, 404 human not found, talks about how we are losing ourselves in the digital world and sometimes we portray a different person from what we are. How’s the relationship with your virtual self?

I’ll be very open about this, I absolutely dislike and disappointed  to see many social characters who pretend to be someone they’re not. We both trying to be always ourselves in real lives and on social media as well. We just want to stay true to ourselves and the people around us.

Being based in Dubai now, do you think the city is a good place to be for music? What’s your main career goal?

Dubai is not new to the music scene, there are amazing talents out here. I got lucky and met all the people who started the hip hop scene in the city, but there’s still a long way to go. It’s a shame that it’s still not as successful as abroad. I want to believe in it and I really hope that it will improve. Being part of the community it’s great and we can all put our strengths together and achieve that goal. My personal goal is to do more production for myself and of course for my favourite artists.

Your fashion style is quite loud and it can change daily… we love that!
What are your main inspiration @accounts?

My fashion style is literally liking pieces and putting them together. I don’t follow always rules in fashion just because I think I create my own fashion style. Accounts I follow is obviously @lacomedi, @nisnass, @fashionnova, @blckfashion , @hypebesststyle and many more.

Now, last but not least, which LCD piece you love most?

To be very honest I love all your collections, each piece is unique and I like how you take the UAE influence in consideration too. The quality of your clothes is so amazing! I have your pieces and even after wash they look like brand new! I love that ! I really don’t like when I buy new pieces and after one wash they become like I was wearing them for 6months lol

Freek, you’re born and raised in Abu Dhabi. How exposed were you to foreign music during your life in the UAE?

My older brothers and sisters introduced me to a lot of western music. I am the youngest in the family of 6, each one of them introduced me to a different genre. Mainly I grew up with pop, hip hop and metal.

What do you guys have in common musically? Any any exclusive collab together coming up?

We are both into hip hop and expanding in the that direction as musicians. Definitely in the future we see some collab projects together.

You also create music/ video content for yourself and other artists in the city. Does it come easy to be a producer for you?

Yeah I love it, I am into different kinds of music and genres so when I listen to artist’s tracks I automatically visualize what the video would feel like and what best imagery would fit the track. I guess it’s a creative skill I have.

Our latest collection, 404 human not found, talks about how we are losing ourselves in the digital world and sometimes we portray a different person from what we are. How’s the relationship with your virtual self?

It’s crazy you know, I always talk about the same topic to my friends! I feel like we are not using the internet but the internet is using us. We are addicted to it, at the same time nowadays you can’t be disconnected from it because people will think you are weirdo haha. I am trying my best to be using it wisely and away from the rat race everyone is on.

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