Let’s start saying that at LCD everything is designed and crafted with 100% love and care. We work to offer a high quality, most economical products we can create that are stylish, vibrant, and with comfortable cuts. The very nature of our designs dictates that we must custom print our fabric. The vibrancy of our colours blocks, intricate patterns and typos inspired designs are at the very core of our LCD brand. Choosing the right supplier for our garments ensures that La Come Di designs can exist as they are in our imagination: bright, bold and full of life.

The issues we face constantly to create pieces that reflects the vision for our brand are at many times hard and tricky to accept. The final result you see in our garments is many months of work, trial and errors into making sure we can provide the best quality pieces in all aspects. From printing our designs to finalise the pieces with care. Having said that, we are always striving to reach even better levels of crafting, by learning every year newer better ways with manufacturing and trying new suppliers for our products.

We manufacture in small quantities so that our customers can be part of a select few who own a special LCD piece. Our collections always have a story behind them, and when you buy a piece you are part of that story. Our clothes are wearable art pieces, built to be worn season to season, year after year and be unique forever.

Combining quality fabrics, bright custom printed designs, small quantities and unique tailoring is no small task. Being Dubai based, there are no manufacturers that can do our fabric printing, small quantities batches and also tailoring as our standard requires. We are European designers that happen to be living in a place that is not evolved in this sector yet. China is one of very few locations in the world where we can manufacture our designs affordably, and feel good about doing so. We have built relationships with our Chinese suppliers over years of work, and they have and try to learn to make our pieces the way they are intended to look, and fit. We went to China ourselves to visit the factories and suppliers and we got pleasantly surprised by the way of work and the locations we visited. Unfortunately, there is still some stigma around Chinese manufacturing. This is a results of decades old stories about the working conditions in communist factories. This is no longer a reality. China has allowed it’s citizens working in capitalist cities the freedom to become successful. They have a growing middle class, and their manufacturing process is world class. They are no longer the cheapest option, they are one of the best.

Like other businesses we work with new suppliers in order to test out new products. We do not go for the lowest cost option, and instead seek out suppliers with whom we can form longstanding working relationships for best quality. Of course supporting our local community is important, and we strive to do so wherever possible, but we are putting out our products as ethically as we can whilst maintaining quality, fit, print and price.

We hope you have a clearer mind now on how we produce our pieces and especially we hope you’ll feel special in our unique LCD products. We are happy to offer you great products for a pretty economical price tag and try to keep it that way where possible. Because all of you are welcome in our LCD famiglia 🙂

For any other question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@lacomedi.com