Tommy Hilfiger x LCD

Last year we got an e-mail from Tommy Hilfiger, commissioning us to do an illustration for their Chinese New Year campaign. We were on leave in Amsterdam at the time and we agreed to talk when we’re back in Dubai. Later that night, while in the company of friends, we shared the news by reading the e-mail out loud. As we reached the end of the message, we noticed that the phone number in the e-mail signature looks familiar starting with +31. Why does that country code looks familiar? Well, of course it does because it’s Holland’s. We replied immediately, asked if we can meet and a meeting was set the very next day.

We love working and collaborating with other brands, and when they occur like that, it makes it even sweeter. The brief was simple, they have seen our work for the Dolce collection and wanted us to work with that direction. We reached a sweet spot that marries one of our signature illustration styles with the iconic Tommy Hilfiger look and feel.

They say Amsterdam has a certain magic. Well, they’re right! It was serendipity between two brands 🙂

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