We’re at episode #4

We’ve been watching GIRLBOSS on Netflix. For those who don’t know, the series is “loosely” based on Nasty Gal’s founder, Sophia Amoruso. It starts from the very beginning when she posts an East West 1970’s jacket on eBay and getting 10 times its worth. She realizes then that she has “figured life out” and decides to start a shop on eBay that sells vintage clothing.

It’s been over a year since we had the idea of starting La Come Di. And even though the series failed so far (IMHO) to capture the struggle of starting a brand, the first episodes were a nice comparison to the steps we’ve taken ourselves. After realizing that we have to change what we do for a living, we started taking small jobs for music events and DJs to pay our rent, while coming up with the designs for our first collections. Though, we did not have an “I figured life out” moment at all. So in LA COME DI series, we’d say that the first episode for us literally took 6-7 months until we finally had our designs in our hands. Before that we were stuck to meeting and working in cafes all day and night, making sure those designs are spotless, and finding the right people to work with.

Then came the 2nd episode, that’s when things really started to shine. We got featured in some design blogs and our audience started to grow. It helped but things into perspective as we got to see how our work was perceived by everyone. “DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y’ALL” but in our case it was LIKES Y’ALL!

Episode 3 falls first in our timeline, the name and character of La Come Di. Our “Thank you San Francisco” was working on our logo at a bar on a Saturday morning, late night shawarma while discussing the first collection, cheap tea and Shisha talks, and finally Paolo Conte in Reggio Emilia. If GIRLBOSS got anything right it’s that. When it’s right, you will know it is.

So, we’re now at episode 4. We are running to get the dress on time. From stocking shops to silly website issues to finding the right people to collaborate with. It is also crossing a bridge you fear, late dinner with amazing friends, the bitter and the sweet.

We’ll leave you with a year old Snapchat story from the time we saw Paolo Conte.